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The benefits ofencapsulated lactoferrin to strengthen the natural defences- Dr Gabriel Serrano

The oral, nasal, and topical use of lactoferrin, combined with measures that favourair flow, helps prevent and treat the infection caused by Covid-19


New Delhi, 29th October 2020,Coronavirus continues to threaten the world, and the number of affected people continues to grow. Faced with this situation, Dr Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and pioneer in lactoferrin research, is increasing his efforts to contribute to the people’s health and wellbeing through different initiatives. Among them is the development of a complete line of products containing liposomal lactoferrin.

Theencapsulation of lactoferrin in liposomes increasesitseffectiveness in the target cell and increases its stability over time.


Studies indicate that the mainmode of transmissionfor Covid-19 continue to be the droplets exhaledthrough the airways when coughing, sneezing, singing, or speaking. These droplets may reach the mouth or nose of those nearby andend up in their lungs.  The latest launch to blockthe entry of the virus is LACTYFERRIN DEFENSE PLUS Nasal Spray, which strengthens the natural barrier of theairways thanks to its formula with liposomal lactoferrin.

Dr Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist with over 45 years of professional experience, has carried out several studies on the usefulness of lactoferrin in prevention and treatment of Covid-19-affected patients. Lactoferrin is a milk-derived multifunctional protein, although it is also present in mucous secretions (tears and saliva, among others). Thus, the extensive studies performed conclude that lactoferrin forms part of the organism’s natural shield, and plays a very important role in innate immunity. It is the link to adaptive immunity.



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