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“Mask is your indispensable vaccine”- Dr. Mrinmoy Chanda

The fourth episode of Doctalks’ distinguished guest was Grade F. Scientist and Geneticist Dr. Mrinmoy Chanda who is also a Fellow of LSH & TM AND T H Chan School Of Public Health, Harvard University. He has discussed the ‘Marvels of the Covid-19 Vaccines’ and has shared at large his ideas and opinions with our host Sandhya Sutodia, Co-founder of Turiya Communication. The session was held on 21st January 2021.
In this episode of Doctalks, Dr Mrinmoy Chanda has tried quite humbly to shed some light on COVID-19 vaccine developmental process. The COVID-19 specialist. Dr. Chanda clearly stated that even if not a single vaccine developer till now has a preprint or published phase-3 Trial efficacy report onto any of the legendary Science Journals, it doesn’t matter.  The efficacy of the vaccines found from the earlier trials seem to have been quite good enough to generate a handful of neutralizing antibodies. Whatever may be the percentage, the neutralizing antibodies surely will give a hefty fight against COVID to SOME extent.
Dr. Chanda also advised that before taking the Covid-19 vaccine, one should and must have to disclose his or her pre-existing medical conditions (if any) & comorbidities to the vaccine provider. This is because even if the vaccine in itself does not have any side effect or contraindications, it can be a threat to a person who has some allergies or life threatening comorbidities. This is due to the fact that the vaccine may instigate or enhance exponentially the sudden abnormal rise of the inoculated person’s  innate immunity, better say cytokines or chemokine storm that can easily bring forth or can summon some unprecedented fatalities.
On a concluding note, our honorable guest has reiterated the fact that the vaccine is the need of the day but at the same time also warned that the vaccination process should and must have to be done in a more careful way maintaining all along the cold chain modalities. Gaining on hard immunity, vaccination should have to be executed on all age groups. He also said that rather than giving one full dose of vaccine to one person, it can be divided into two interim doses in two different persons. He also stated that vaccines have that immense potential of doing wonders in the long run but it is also primordial to continue wearing a mask properly, keeping up physical distance appropriately and washing hands frequently with soap.
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