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Laser Treatments: The Then and the Now-Dr Prashanth R Kamath MBBS, MD (DVL) Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist,SKIN 360, Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic Mangaluru

Every individual has a desire to look good and get rid of unwanted hair, especially women.  Even men are nowadays concerned about excessive hair growth. Changing trends and the increasing pressure to live up to society’s expectations, has pushed people to find new ways to reinvent themselves. The demand for hair removal is thereby increasing.

This has led to vast changes in the methods being used for hair removal. This concept of hair removal comes from ancient times when Alexander the Great asked his men to use sharp stone for hair removal. The excessive or unwanted hair can be removed by methods like waxing, shaving, plucking, depilating creams or by using epilators but these modalities do not give a permanent solution, as all these procedures do not remove hair from the root. This leads to faster re-growth of hair, thus, requiring constant care. Advancements in face of changing needs of people have led to the development of devices like lasers. Every individual is in a dilemma about laser being one of the most expensive cosmetology procedures. However, it must be kept in mind that it is a one-time investment, where the hair growth and coarseness keeps reducing at every visit whereas other modalities require constant visits with lot of side effects like redness, pigmentation and hair follicle infection. The other modalities are also time consuming. With Lasers being easily available and accessible everywhere, the need for last minute parlor visits and stress that comes along with it has been wiped out. This gives every individual the confidence that they are ready to go anytime anywhere.

Laser prevents hair from growing further and reduces the rate of hair growth. Various types of lasers are available and the laser used for treatments changes according to different skin types and skin color.

Latest Advanced technology in market

Advanced laser technology like diode lasers like LightSheer Desire are solid-state lasers having a higher wave length . This allows penetration of light deeper into tissues and thus more destruction of hair follicle can take place leading to its better efficacy. They are mainly preferred for patients with darker skin and darker hair. These lasers are comparatively more reliable and have better results. They are used when a larger area of skin has to be treated and are less bulky as compared to other lasers. Diode lasers make the hair finer and less coarse.

Procedure Requirements

The procedure requires few sittings with a prescribed gap in between the sittings. Prior to the laser treatment, people with a darker skin type are advised to use a broad- spectrum sunscreen before and after the procedure to avoid pigmentation. Patients should shave the area prior to the session so that the laser directly acts over the target area and to ensure a better efficiency.

Over the years and with the evolution of technology, laser has become a fundamental, matchless and ubiquitous device of modern science.



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