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i-Genetic Diagnostics Launches TruTest Laboratories, Brings Specialty Testing Expertise into Everyday Testing

  • TruTest Laboratories is powered by powered by i-Genetic Diagnostics’ high-end capabilities and state-of-the-art pathology labs.
  • The lab will be further reinforcing the iGenetic brand for providing faster and accurate testing solutions to the healthcare industry and the masses.

With a menu of over 1400 tests, TruTest Laboratories will be catering to the growing day to day testing needs.

New Delhi : Infusing technology, expertise and experience of specialty testing into everyday diagnostics, major pathology chain, iGenetic Diagnostics has launched TruTest Laboratories, with the aim to share its world of high-end molecular diagnostics, which drive faster and accurate testing solutions, with the masses.

TruTest Laboratories powered by iGenetic Diagnostics is operational pan-India with its centers located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Indore, Nagpur, and Kochi. With a wide menu of pathology testing options, TruTest Laboratories will offer tests ranging from routine biochemistry to cutting-edge molecular pathology.

“With the launch of TruTest Laboratories, we have made a specialized platform to capture the growing requirements of everyday testing in India, with the objective of serving the masses with even better and dedicated focus. TruTest Laboratories is powered by i-Genetic Diagnostics high-end capabilities and state-of-the-art pathology labs, with pathology centres equipped with next generation sequencing, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, and more. The growing threat of various communicable and non-communicable diseases has made it mandatory for people to go for regular health check-ups. Many diseases are asymptomatic initially and show symptoms at later stages, while many infections share common or similar symptoms. Regular testing has become the need of the hour for early diagnoses and treatment. TruTest Laboratories will be playing an important role in plugging the huge gap of testing needs and avenues to obtain fast and accurate testing results.”

With the launch of TruTest Laboratories, people can avail inaugural specialized packages that cater to everyday testing needs and at the same time fall lighter on pockets. At present, the new diagnostic lab has launched with TruTest 360 health check-up, Monsoon package, Women Wellness Health Check-up package, Senior citizen health package for men, and Senior citizen health package for women.

In addition to the clinically relevant differential diagnosis panels, TruTest Laboratories will provide a range of individual laboratory tests.

“There is growing consciousness for health in the country, and we believe in empowering people to choose the specific tests.  TruTest Laboratories is offering a menu of over 1400 tests which takes care of all necessary testing needs. We are also providing home collection services in select cities. We aim to be one of the most powerful tools in the hands of our medical community as well as become a responsible health partner for the society.”

With this launch of TruTest Laboratories, iGenetic has further strategically reinforced its brand as the one that provides best in class diagnostic services and as a contender to reckon with in the closely competitive medical testing industry.

About iGenetic Diagnostics

iGenetic specializes in molecular diagnostics, which applies molecular biology to medical testing to provide quicker and more accurate results.  iGenetic has the capability to develop many in-house tests and products which are not available in the market today with several “first in the market” tests already commercialized.

iGenetic Diagnostics was setup in 2013 to fill certain glaring gaps in the Indian diagnostics landscape. The commercial operations of the company started in 2015. It provides comprehensive, personalized and differential diagnosis in the therapeutic areas of Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Gynecology, Pediatrics & Neonatology, and Critical Care. The company raised Rs 9 crore from angel investors in 2015. Later in 2017, it raised another Rs 130 crore (USD 20 million) from a health care-specific private equity fund jointly constituted by CDC Group and Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG).


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