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The dedicated laboratory by Auriga Research equipped with PerkinElmer's COVID-19 solutions to test  inbound and outbound passengers at the airport facility   New Delhi, Dec 24th, 2020 - Auriga Research India Pvt Ltd,  Research Wing at Arbro Pharmaceuticals, partnered with global health

      Dr Sumit Singh, Director, Neurosciences, Agrim institute of neurosciences, Artemis Hospital   Epilepsy is the fourth most common chronic disorder of the brain characterized by recurrent ‘seizures’ or ‘fits. The seizures are caused due to sudden, excessive and abnormal electrical

 by Dr. Amod Manocha, Senior Consultant & Head, Pain Management Services, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket Temperatures in North India have started to dip with winters just round the corner. Do winters remind you of painful stiff joints and reduced mobility? Do they remind

While the COVID pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new normal, lives have suddenly fit into the challenging times. Now that masks, sanitizers and social distancing have caught up our regular routine, there is one more trend that

Dr Shankar Narang, COO, Paras Healthcare The corona virus pandemic has affected healthcare delivery at almost all levels. Although most of the changes are necessary, the new environment poses a threat to the welfare of healthcare professionals. It will have an

Ms. Arouba Kabir, Mental Health Therapist Little had we known that scenarios like COVID-19 would prevail, we would have braced ourselves to our fullest capacity. Not just this pandemic has hit hard on the economy at a global level but has

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