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Because resurfacing that flawless skin isn’t that difficult anymore- Dr Manjul Agarwal ,Dermatologist

Developing scars because of various insults to our skin is a very common occurrence. They can mar our flawless smooth skin forever, only to make us feel less than perfect. These scars can be caused by incidents that end up burning or injuring us. It might be burns from accidently spilling hot water over us or meeting an accident. They can also be caused due to skin infections or diseases which may heal internally, but leave behind marks that continuously remind us of our ordeal.


Common examples include acne and chickenpox which often leave depressed scars over face. In a scar, the tissue beneath the skin is lost which causes depressions or hollows in the skin. The scars can affect our look as well as deal a blow to our self-esteem, so much so that we may not want to step out in public.


Another commonly occurring type of scar are stretch marks that can happen to anyone. Women, after pregnancy, children after hitting puberty, or anyone after gaining significant weight can see the appearance of these marks.

Then, how do we get rid of these unwanted marks?


Scar revision has always been a challenge. There are a number of ways, a dermatologist can help you get rid of scars – topical retinol creams, chemical peels,  micro-needling,  platelet rich plasma therapy and lasers to name a few. With the latest cutting edge technological advances now we have almost a magical technique to make these scars disappear! The newest and non-invasive technology involves the use of Lumenis ResurFX laser, a type of fractional non-ablative Erbium Glass 1565 laser that is efficient in helping you get rid of all kinds of scars, acnes and even stretch marks.


In ResurFX laser, a special laser light energy is transmitted beneath the skin without damaging the top layer of our skin, keeping the Epidermis absolutely intact. This causes new collagen formation beneath the scar ultimately leading to correction of scars. The results are both immediate and progressive. The transformation can be seen over the next few weeks to months during which the skin and the scars continue to improve. One should expect the results around 2 -3 months after the sitting, by then the skin will be ready for another sitting for further enhanced results.

The advantage is minimal down-time and no special care of skin after the procedure. The skin is numbed using a numbing cream and ResurFX laser light is used in fragments, making the procedure quite comfortable. The skin looks slightly red for a few hours but one can resume working or engage in other important activities without second thoughts.

Not only does this treatment uplifts the scars, its added bonus includes improvement in fine lines and pores too, giving you the look you deserve, looking much younger to your age. It is hard to believe but IT IS TRUE!! People worldwide are availing this opportunity without side effects and getting back their looks and confidence.

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